In 1959, Elder Mannen Bell, Missionary Jewell Lee Sanders, Bro. Raymon Sanders, and Sister Pirlie Mae Alexanders came from Portland, Oregon to Tacoma to Missionary Lucille McMillian’s home.  This was the beginning of Temple #202, located at 2331 S. “G” Street.  In her home, Bro. Willis Danials and family, and Elder Major Whitten were added to the body.

Later a new location was purchased at 2303 S. Sheridan.  The Lord blessed the church and in December of 1959, the church moved to another location at 202 Fawcett Ave.  On June 5, 1960 Sis. Mercey D. August, and Sis. Inez Martin was added.  In August 1960, there was a revival conducted by Evangelist Mary R. Starks.  Elder and Sis. Willie M. Tyus were added at that time. 

Our present location at 1954 “M” Street was purchased, shortly after Bro. Sam Daniels was added to the church family.  On August 27, 1961, we were blessed to have Evangelist Nola P. Love who was the first Minister of the Church of the Living God, CWFF, to start a Church in the Pacific Northwest.  She replaced Elder Bell and did a wonderful work.  There were many that came into the fold and also some that fell away.  Bro. LaRue Crain was added to the church family.

In 1964 Evangelist R.V. Poston, Mother Baker, Sis. Edwards and Evangelist Pettis were added.  In 1964 the Jordan family, Sis. Louise Webber and Sis. Mary Bundage was added.

In 1964 Evangelist Poston replaced Evangelist Love.  In 1968, Sis. Anna Ruth Cameron and family, Mother Virginia Madden, Sis Annette Maxwell, Sis Idella Moorer and Sis Deborah Crain were added.  During that same time, Missionary Stella M. Adams of Los Angeles, CA., married into this body. Also during this time

In 1971 Pastor Posten was replaced by Elder Joseph McCoy and family, Wife Sis. Jean McCoy and son Jonathan.  During his administration many projects were accomplished, including the establishment of the Annual Salad Spread and Spaghetti Feed. While the church was in a period of transition Elder Leroy Barnes stepped in as Interim pastor in 1976.

In 1976 Evangelist Mary Bundage and Elder Julian Pryor served as Acting Pastors and Pastor 1978 - 79 and 1979 respectively.  In November of 1979, they were replaced by Overseer Elbert Jones, Sr. and family.  During his administration, many projects were completed including the remolding and refurbishing of the parsonage.  In October 1981 Elder Jones was replaced by Elder Ronald L. Washum and family.  During his tenure, the church theme has been “If You’ve Got the Faith, God’s Got the Power”.

In 1988 Elder Carlos Rogers was assigned as pastor and served until 1990. The church once again was in a period of transition and Elder Major Whitten stepped in as interim pastor.

1991 the Lord saw fit to allow Elder Randy Roberson and family to come and serve the people of God. As a dynamic preacher/teacher of the Gospel Elder Roberson was instrumental in rebuilding the spiritual foundation of the body.

In October of 1995, we were blessed with Bishop Lawrence White and family who came to continue the work of Elder Randy Lee Roberson Sr. who again was a dynamic preacher.  Installation services were held and officiated by Bishop Jeff Ruffin, Phoenix, AZ.  Since being under the leadership of Pastor White the churches root theme has been “Where there is no vision the people will perish”

(Ps. 29:18).  Many of the things that the Lord has purposed for the church, has come to pass. The church has not only grown numerically, but most of all spiritually. During his tenure, we have expanded our facility and are currently in process of acquiring our neighboring property making ready to build a new worship center. We are excited about the development of our youth in ministry, including the emergence and growth of our Children’s Church. Its purpose is the equipping and empowering of children and youth through the Word of God and setting a standard of excellence in mind and ministry.

In this past fiscal year we have acquired a new church van, accomplished several remodeling projects, and purchased additional property with plans in erecting a new campus including a small business incubator, which will impact economic development in the Hilltop area.

In reflecting on the past 54 year, we have been privileged to serve our community through outreach, evangelism, feeding, and housing efforts. We have been consistently committed to academic excellence through tutoring and mentoring programs. We have also been a respected and responsible partner to Tacoma Public Schools, DSHS, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puget Sound to name a few. Our core focus is “building buildings, not made by hands”!

We want to finally say congratulations our Senior Pastor/teacher on his elevation to the office of Bishop.

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