Hospitality Ministry:
Our purpose is to provide counseling and material assistance in the Name and to the glory of Jesus Christ. Our intention is to keep this ministry as an explicit testimony to the love ofJesus Christ, not simply to provide services. Striving to establish and maintain a caring, confidential program of providing emotional, spiritual, and physical aid to those in the congregation and community.

Women of Excellence Ministry:
The purpose of our WOE Ministry is to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of women at COTLG and within our community. This ministry is designed to encourage women to grow in their faith in Christ, to develop and strengthen intimate friendships with other women, and to provide opportunities to serve and reach our community for Christ.

Men of Integrity Ministry: 
To help men assume their spiritual role of leadership beginning at home, then the church, and then into the workplace. Accomplishing this by being true obedient servants of Jesus Christ and sharing our faith throughout the world. Also to bring unity in the body of Christ by tearing down the denominational, racial, and ethnic barriers so that we may all become one in Jesus Christ. To build strong Godly character through, delieverance, integrity, along with accountabilty one to another. "Iron Sharpeneth Iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." Proverbs 27:17

Evangelism Ministry:
We will go or send, in the power of the Spirit, by the authority of Christ, as His witnesses. Our outreach will be universal in scope, reaching to all peoples, both locally, nationally, and internationally.  We will strive to make disciples who will continue the ministry of reconciliation that began with the Lord Jesus. We will exalt (Christ), evangelize (the lost), educate (the community), edify (one another) and equip (the body) as we carry out our commission found in Matthew 29:19-20)

Music Ministry:
Is committed to worship that is God-centered, Christ-exalting, and Word-focused. Thus we strive for worship that encourages awe and reverence, joy and intimacy. Reverence and awe do not exclude the expression of joy and emotion. True worship will engage the whole person, mind and emotions, resulting in renewed passion for Christ. We express our connection to the past and our relation to the present through musical diversity and the use of historic creeds and confessions. This is why we endeavor to offer a kind of worship that is fitting for an all-powerful, risen King: majestic, earnest, sincere, and joyful.

Usher Ministry:
The mission of the Usher is that of a doorkeeper. The Usher sets the mood of the people as they enter the house of the Lord. We are to acquire the art of making the members and visitors feel comfortable and of lending spiritual dignity to the whole church service. This Ministry is courteous, kind and ensures orderly conduct in the House of the Lord. We give a smile and a warm welcome to brighten each ones day. The Usher helps the Pastor and promotes worship services.

Sunday School Ministry:
To provide the Sunday morning study in scriptures for the entire church. To take lead in providing Christian Education and to make sure that the youth and young adults are included in bible study and training.

Christian Education Ministry:
The goal of the CEM is to provide a medium for the development of educational programs, projects and other ministries that promote spiritual growth and development. As the CEM progresses it will include a broad range of Christian studies through its various departments and ministries. These studies will include team seminars on family, stewardship, leadership and many others. Through the CEM every member of our church family should be able to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God's teaching.

Pastor Aide Ministry:
The Pastorís Aide Ministry provides and/or assists the Pastor with whatever he needs to carryout Godís mission of shepherding His people (ministry).  The ministry also supports the Pastor and first families financially, spiritually, and emotionally, through a variety of activities and services that enhance the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (evangelism).   

Our role includes extending love and support to the Pastor and his family, while he provides spiritual leadership/teaching (discipleship) to the members of COTLG.  Such support ensures that the Pastor has more time to concentrate on his calling and exercise the gifts and/or talents God has equipped him with (worship).  The Pastorís Aide Ministry is responsible for various items and supplies being at the Pastorís disposal to accommodate both his office and pulpit needs.   

This ministry spearheads the churchís efforts in celebrating the pastor and wife anniversary, birthdays, and other special occasions (fellowship).  Overall, the Pastorís Aide Ministry extends spiritual care to the ďangelĒ God sent to the Church of the Living God.

Youth Ministry:
Our Youth Ministry will be focused on sound doctrine and Bible based teaching to educate our children and youth in the Word of God. The ministry, while focused on education in the Word, will also include topics of interest and fun with plays, programs, outings, and special events. It is a process that prepares a young person to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and achieve his or her full potential. Youth development is promoted through activities and experiences that help youth develop social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies. Ministries include; YIELD, Kingdom Scholars, Writing Workshops, Portfolio Preparation, The Gifted Program and Discover Your Destiny.

Feeding Ministry:
Our mission is to offer assistance, encouragement and empowerment of persons in need through the distribution of food and limited financial assistance without regard to race, gender, orientation or social economic status in the name and spirit of Christ. It is our conviction that persons can better fulfill their potential when offered a helping hand. The whole person must be taken care, before you can truly lead someone to Jesus Christ.

Women of Wellness Ministry:
believe in a strong Temple of health. Jesus said the body is a Temple. Our vision is to create a community of strong healthy living so all of Gods people live a clean and healthy lifestyle. We will also bring awareness to the increasing health-related issues that are prevalent in the lives of the people within the flock of God. The focus is to bring healing, wholeness and deliverance through faith in God and to live by the principles of God's Word.